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Frequently Asked Questions

You will be billed on monthly basis. If you unsubscribe the service then you will not be billed in next month.
If you want to know the caller id of an anonymous call then unmask service is here to provide you these details and also some other features as well.
There are two ways to decline a call on your iPhone. If your iPhone is unlocked, you can simply press the red Decline button. If your iPhone is locked, just double tap the power button on the side of your iPhone. This is the same button used to put the display to sleep. For older iPhone models, the power button may be located at the top of your iPhone.
We unmask Blocked, Restricted, and Private calls you receive. Unknown calls and VoIP numbers can't be unmasked, but with Privacy Lock, these calls can't get through unless you let them. When this feature is enabled, unknown callers you reject are asked to record their name before the call is connected. When the call rings back to you, we'll play their recorded name and give you the chance to accept, hang up, or send the call to voicemail. This feature is available with a Premium or Ultimate subscription.
Whether you are using our Hosted Voicemail or your own carrier's, you have the ability to access your voicemail in many different ways. When a caller leaves you a voicemail you'll receive a text message with a link directing you to listen from our website, or an audio file which you can play from the message. You can also access your voicemails by logging into your account and selecting the Calls tab, which you can click on Filter to view just your voicemails. If you are using our Hosted Voicemail you can dial (212) 555 - 1212 directly from the mobile phone you registered with us. When prompted, enter the same PIN number you used when you signed up. After logging in, you'll be able to listen to your messages.
It is a monthly based service and you will be charged every month on your billing date. You can unsubscribe anytime before your billing date.
You can pay using PayPal or Credit/Debit card (Visa or Mastercard only).
We provide this service in Canada, United Kingdom and United States.

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